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How do I control the frequent urge to urinate?

Q: I am a 56 years old male diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic seven years back. Right now, I am taking Daonil and Glyciphage along with B12 vitamin tables. For the last two years, I am suffering from uncontrolled urination. I drink a lot of water and it becomes an urgency to urinate. Also, I have to take Penagra otherwise I face problems like erectile dysfunction. I walk and jog daily and am active at my office. How do I control the frequent urge to urinate?

A:With background of diabetes and urinary symptoms, one needs to look at the functioning of your bladder and your prostate health. Diabetes can affect bladder contractility and also cause bladder irritability. Prostate enlargement too can cause similar symptoms. Uncontrolled diabetes and taking excessive fluids will also result in urinary frequency. You need to see a urologist for proper examination, and investigations for diagnosis and further advise.


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