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How can uveitis be treated completely?

Q: I am a 26 years old married woman having myopia and the power of my glasses is -8.5 (right eye) and -9 (left eye) for the last 7 years. When I was 4 months pregnant I had herpes zoster infection in my right eye and later I developed uveitis. I suffer from frequent episodes of uveitis and because of using steroidal drops I have developed cataract in my right eye. My eye has also become small and there is itching and redness. How can I get rid of this uveitis? Earlier I used to wear contact lenses but now the doctor has asked me not to wear them. Can I undergo surgery to improve my vision?

A:Because of past herpes zoster you are getting frequent uveitis in that eye. You can treat uveitis during an attack and you should get treatment fast and appropriate but there is no permanent cure to prevent its' recurrence forever.

Both frequent uveitis as well as its treatment with steroids has caused cataract in this eye. Best management of your refractive error in this case is to have cataract operation in both eyes by phacoemulsification with implant even if you don't have cataract in your other eye.

I want you to remember though that in spite of cataract surgery you may continue to get recurrence of uveitis and as a result vision in that eye may not be as perfect as the other eye and you may still need weaker glasses for reading after the implant.


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