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How can uncontrolled epilepsy be treated?

Q: My two years old daughter has been experiencing convulsions since her birth. We have used all types of medicines as prescribed by the doctor. Now the doctor has told us that her nervous system is totally damaged. She is unable to stand or sit properly. How can uncontrolled epilepsy be treated?

A:Your child is having uncontrolled epilepsy at present with a global development delay. In India, amongst the common causes are birth asphyxia and CNS infections. Her epilepsy needs to be classified and then appropriate treatment started. I would expect the child to be having myoclonic epilepsy with or without other forms of epilepsy. It is important that you meet a child neurologist / neurologist with expertise in treating difficult epilepsies. Get a good quality sleep and awake EEG. Get the child's disabilities assessed and start intervention in the form of occupational therapy, stimulation programs. Get the hearing and vision tested. There are new medications available that can be tried. If the treatment fails in spite of using the correct medicines in correct doses, then I would recommend the use of steroids / ketogenic diet.


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