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How can stress, anxiety and sleep disorder be managed?

Q: I am a 38 years old unemployed man, desperately looking for a job. I have been suffering from high-level stress, anxiety and sleep disorder for long. I also experience sudden giddiness at times. How can I be treated of these problems?

A:Stress, anxiety and sleep disturbance are commonly associated. Often one of these conditions can precipitate other condition or worsen other condition. It is common for a person with stress to feel anxious and have difficulty sleeping. The best way to manage such condition would be to address the underlying stress - that is ability to deal with that stress in a healthy manner. This includes expressing such stress, trying to problem solve rather than ruminating about it as well as seeking professional help if needed (find out from your local mental health care providers for more details in your area). At the same time, attempting to take adequate time to relax, having your own time, making sure that you are following good sleep hygiene, exercise (aerobic such as running/jogging) or meditative exercises (yoga/pranayama) may be helpful.
There are medications to treat these as well, however, I suggest that you should try above-mentioned measures before going for medications.


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