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How can stomach bloating be treated?

Q: I am a 30 years old man who was suffering from abdominal bloating, mucus in stool and belching last year. However stools were semi-solid formed. The doctor diagnosed duodenal ulcer, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) after colonoscopy (which said chronic non-specific colitis) and internal piles. I took treatment for the same. The symptoms eased however during course of medicine the stools become loose and I had diarrhoea occasionally. I am still suffering from the problem of loose stools and bloating in abdomen. Now I am prescribed with Gesdyp, softovac powder and Normaxin RT. Please advise.

A:I note with interest that in your mail you have mentioned a diagnosis of IBS was made after a colonoscopy, which should be non-specific inflammation. I need to point out that in IBS, colonoscopy should be normal and should not show any inflammation; the report in your case has mentioned inflammation. This would mean that you have bowel inflammation and to be certain, need biopsies from the lining of the colon for a definitive diagnosis of colitis, the symptoms of which can be controlled by specific treatment. I suggest you consult a gastro-enterologist for biopsies and treatment.


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