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How can sinusitis be managed?

Q: I am a 26 years old female suffering from throat and nose problem for the last four months. I am experiencing difficulty in breathing and my nose seems blocked. I have to strive hard to blow out the mucus. Sometimes mucus plug comes out of my mouth while coughing. I also hear a sound of wheezing. I do not have running nose or fever. I was diagnosed with sinusitis and have taken medication for a long time. I am also feeling burning sensation in my stomach. How can sinusitis be further managed?

A:Your symptoms suggest you may have sinusitis as you correctly state. However, the wheezing suggests you may have bronchitis or asthma also at the same time. You may need inhalers to help relieve this and you should discuss with your doctor about this. Sinusitis sometimes needs antibiotics and you can also consider sinus rinse with saline - you should find this in local pharmacies. The burning in the stomach may be from acid reflux or gastritis. Again you should mention this to your doctor - many over the counter antacids will help with this but sometimes you need longer term options. Acid reflux from the food pipe ( oesophagus) to the lungs can happen when you sleep and cause wheezing and asthma. Try and sleep with the head and upper body raised about 8 inches and also do not eat for 3 hours before sleeping. It is also good to avoid things which you know bring about the symptoms. Please share this discussion with your doctor to get a prescription for any inhalers.


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