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How can scarring be minimised in head injury?

Q: What is the difference between stitching and pasting? Which procedure is preferable in case of a deep head injury? Is it beneficial to do a microsurgery or pasting so that spots do not occur?

A:Stitching of a wound is the use of a suture material, like silk or catgut or other thread, to close a defect in the skin or other tissue. To treat a deep head injury: a. determine if there is a blood clot, and remove blood clot, if present b. for the wound in the brain, wait for healing (stitches are rarely put in the brain), and for the wound on the skin, put stitches. If there is an injury (fracture) in the skull bone it may be left alone to heal, or wired together. These are just some basic principles of management of head injury. Details are difficult to give, as neurosurgery is a somewhat intricate science. When you say pasting are you talking of the use of adhesive for a face wound? Some materials are now available (e.g. acrylate based compounds) that can be used to close a cut in the skin by using their adhesive properties, much like Quickfix. The results are usually very good, but not all skin wounds can be treated by adhesives. I have not heard of adhesives being used in a deep head injury. A scar will always occur in the skin once the skin is broken. The scarring is probably slightly less if adhesive is used, as compared to suturing (although adhesives have not become popular, perhaps because they are not suitable to all cases). Microsurgery is not a procedure for preventing scars in head injuries. If one wishes to prevent scarring of the skin, one uses plastic surgery methods such as use of fine sutures, early removal, occasional Z-plasties, and other techniques.


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