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How can premature labour pains be prevented during pregnancy?

Q: My 23 years old wife is into her second month of pregnancy. Last year when she conceived, she had premature labour pains in her seventh month of pregnancy. What are the chances that she would have a premature delivery again? Also, do sex, travelling by train and studying cause problems during pregnancy? My wife is into her second year of post graduation. Can she continue studying? Her gynaecologist has prescribed her to take Gestin (5 mg, twice daily), Duvadilon (twice daily) and folic acid. Are these medicines safe?

A:To prevent premature pains again, you need to avoid travel, sex, lifting heavy weights and doing heavy work. If the post graduation course does not involve hectic physical work, she can continue, but she should have enough physical and mental rest, along with a good nutritious diet and good sleep. The medicines can be taken for some time to tide over the critical times when the premature pains started, or if there are episodes of uterine contractions. Urinary and genital infections must be ruled out by urine and vaginal swab cultures- and treatment should be given if necessary. Ultrasound to check for normalcy of the uterus, placenta and fetus also need to be done along with measures of cervical length and dilatation to make sure there is no problem with early opening of the uterine cervix, which can also cause early delivery and is easily treated by a stitch. The above tests are mentioned to find the common causes of premature pains that can be treated. There should be no anaemia, high blood pressure or sugar problem, as well.


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