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How can nerve pain in the hand be treated?

Q: My 43 years old mother is suffering from nerve pain on the wrist of her right hand for the last 2 months and was found to be type II diabetic. In the neck x-ray it was found that the bones of the neck have bent. The doctor suggested to avoid using the pillow and has prescribed physiotherapy and painkillers. When she started taking the drugs she started getting abdominal discomfort and burning sensation while passing urine. Now she has nerve pain at the toes too. She also feels that blood circulation in her feet is not well and she may get paralysis. She takes Pregabalin, Methylcobalamin, Atorvastatin and Metfomin HCL tablets. Please advise.

A:Most likely your mother has neuropathy related to diabetes. Other possibility is carpel tunnel syndrome as her hands are involved. Get her nerve conduction studies done. These medications will take some time to act. In the meanwhile you can give her painkillers like Brufen or Voveran two to three times daily.


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