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How can my wife’s fatigue and low stamina be managed?

Q: My 64 years old wife has a persistent severe problem of fatigue and very low stamina apart from knee joint pain on stress (osteoarthritis) and high blood pressure. Her recent test reports for lipid profile, thyroid and osteoporosis are normal. Her TMT was also negative. Her haemoglobin is low (around 10) but it was so even when she had no such problems and when she was quite active. Currently, she is on following medicines: Cartiken, Osteophos 70, Vitamin B complex, C, D, E, Iron, Ecosprin 75, Clopivas, Telma 40. In order to control her problem of fatigue and extremely low stamina, a physician advised her to identify her limit of stamina and to not overwork. It works if strictly followed. But it has not been practicable as it restricts even routine day to day activities. How can my wife’s fatigue, low stamina be managed?

A:Although your wife is on various supplements, we need to establish why she is anaemic. It may be a good idea to check her serum iron, TIBC, ferritin, vitamin B12 levels, stool occult blood x 3 samples (after stopping iron supplements) and 25 hydroxy vitamin D3 levels.

In order to improve her stamina, encourage her to do yoga under a teacher's guidance which will help her breathlessness as well as her joint problems. Ensure that she takes a proper diet and is on calcium supplements. Restricting physical movement will cause weight gain and worsen associated problems.


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