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How can my son’s craving for inhalants be managed?

Q: My 21 years old son is addicted to ganja and sniffs Erazex. This leads to psychosis and very low attention span and concentration. How can his craving for ganja, sniffing Erazex be managed? He has been using this for the last five years. We have also tried 5-6 rehabilitation centres but in vain. He is on Aripiprazole (10mg), Trinicalm, Lorazepam (1mg), Toparimate (50mg) and Aramod (150mg).

A:Inhalants lead to impairment of intelligence, memory, problem solving, auditory, visual and tactile perception. Thus psychosis is very common. Also ganja worsens the damage. Please get medical examination to assess damage to brain, kidney, liver, lungs and heart and also lead poisoning and nutritional deficiencies. Family involvement in treatment is vital. Peer group dynamic exploration is important for recovery and sobriety. Treatment in detox (minimum stay of 90-120 days) and talk therapy is not helpful due to attention span.

Consider multidimensional treatment methods - involve school counsellor. I would recommend that he sees his psychiatrist and try to stop Lorazepam and work on frequent drug toxicology screening for Ganja.


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