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How can my shouting habit during sleep be managed?

Q: I am a 40 years old male who shouts while sleeping for the last 20 years. In the beginning, it was mild but for the past 10 years it has worsened and I shout thrice in a single night. I am not aware of this and only people who are sleeping with me realise it, get disturbed and inform me about it. I am taking homeopathic medicines namely cruda planta, nily brium, jasmine flora, cosmos, lycopodium and stramoium. There is a slight reduction in the symptoms. I do not have any other health problem or any tension, stress, diabetes etc. How can my shouting habit during sleep be managed?

A:You could possibly have a type of partial arousal (parasomnia) occurring during sleep. From your brief description it is difficult to diagnose as to the type of parasomnia. More information such as - which part of the night it happens, how long does it last each time, how frequently does it happen, what exactly happens in such a "shout" during sleep, can you recall such episodes next morning, do you tend to move your extremities or body during such an episode, if you are woken up during such an episode do you recall a dream, etc. Information on these aspects will give more clues to diagnose.

Additionally, if you have any other co-morbid sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, it may be precipitating such an event. In any case, I would recommend that you see a physician with expertise in sleep disorders so that he/she can further evaluate you.


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