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How can my migraine be treated?

Q: I am a 25 years old male suffering from migraine for the last 15 days. Two months back, I used to take these injections - Voveron, Rantac and Perinorm whenever used to get an attack. But now I have stopped taking these injections and started taking equivalent pills. But the pills haven’t provided me any relief. I am allergic to capsules. How can my migraine be treated?

A:Though your symptoms match migraine symptoms, it is unusual for migraine headache to last for 15 days. It is common for migraine patients to have additional factors causing headaches. These most commonly include stress, allergies, infections, adverse effects of drugs, and rebound headaches after taking some migraine medicines. You are also taking treatment for tuberculosis; there is always a small possibility of tuberculous infection in the brain. You must see a neurologist and get a thorough check up done at the earliest, including an MRI and MR venogram of Brain. If all this check up reveals no abnormality, you should take treatment and counselling to deal with stress. Also, as a long-term measure, you should learn relaxation methods, and avoid painkillers as far as you can.


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