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How can my loose motions be treated?

Q: I am a 36 years old man having diabetes for the last 3 years. My fasting and PP blood sugar level are 100 mg/dl and 140 mg/dl respectively. I am taking Blisto MF and Gluconorm SR 1000 mg for the last 9-10 months. Now I am having loose motion in morning and after having lunch regularly due to which I am unable to go anywhere during daytime. What are the food items I can take without fear of diabetes? Will I need to take insulin after my body becomes used to these medications?

A:Your blood glucose levels are well controlled and loose motions may be due to drugs sp Metformin which is in Blist MF and Gluconorm SR. I will suggest you to stop this component and then see the effect. If loose stools disappear then it is likely to be due to medication and then medication can be reintroduced slowly with 250 mg twice a day to start with and then gradually increasing.

None of the fruits are forbidden in diabetes; basically it is healthy eating which all of us should do. But try to avoid mango, banana, cheeku and grapes, rest you can have in plenty.

As the disease progresses, pancreas stops making insulin and many people (50-60%) with diabetes need insulin after 10-12 years and this is not due to body getting used to medications.


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