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How can my father walk with a brain clot?

Q: My father, aged 54 years, is suffering from left Hemiplegia since last year and is unable to move the left side of his body or walk. The CT Scan report says a Large well defined Haematoma in the brain. He also has high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. The current treatment includes Amloz AT (1 per day), Epsolin, Pantocid, Amdepin 5mg and Amaryl 1/2 mg. I want to know how we can help him walk and how can the clot dissolve? Now he has a new problem of bed sore on his lower back. Please help.

A:Your father has suffered bleeding into that part of right half of the forebrain, which controls movements of the left limbs. Your doctor felt that drugs would best treat this as surgery may worsen his condition. The clot will naturally resolve in 6 weeks or more. It will leave behind some permanent damage to the brain. Whatever handicap follows pressure by the clot will resolve then. The permanent damage created by the bleeding will persist. The drugs he is now getting are aimed at controlling his diabetes, blood pressure and serum cholesterol. These will not affect the clot in any way. The best way to help your father is to ensure that his blood sugar and blood pressure remain within normal limits. He needs intensive exercises to attempt to restore power in his left limbs. He needs to be turned every two hours day and night so that he does not develop bedsores. As he shows signs of recovery of power in his left limbs, he can be helped to sit, stand and finally walk with support.


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