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How can my damaged optic nerve be cured?

Q: I am a 69 years old female who has been diagnosed with open angle glaucoma. I underwent surgery in both the eyes and implantation of lens for cataract three years back. I did not use any medications after surgery. After surgery, my vision in the right eye was very clear and on the other hand, vision in the left eye after surgery was almost gone. I underwent laser treatment for my right eye. I am suffering from short sightedness since the age of 12. Low tension glaucoma with optic nerve damage was stated as the reason. How can my damaged optic nerve be managed? How to sustain improved vision with rectified optic nerve?

A:The nerve damaged by glaucoma cannot be revived. However, as you have mentioned low tension glaucoma, we need to be certain that all other causes of such optic atrophy are ruled out. LTG is a mystery, no body has understood it. Check if your IOP round the clock are below 14 mmhg. Get your pachymetry done, and get a POAG OCT done including Ganglion complex analysis map. How are your visual fields? Try taking low cholesterol food, and 75 mg of Aspirin every day after consulting your physician. Pranayama should help you. Check if you have posterior capsular opacification, in which case YAG laser would help you. Omega 3 fatty acids again will be of use on long term basis. Take the eye drops which are neuroprotective.


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