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How can my abdomen pain be treated after miscarriage?

Q: I am 27 years old woman who had miscarriage about one and a half months ago. I learnt that the full recovery takes about six weeks but I still feel pain heavily in my abdomen especially when I sit or when I urinate. Is it normal or is it because of the too much work I do at home? My menses has also begun. Does it mean that if care is not taken pregnancy can happen again?

A:Yes to all - infection must be ruled out by check up, vaginal swab culture, urine culture and a transvaginal scan and treatment with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs can be taken. A contraceptive has to be started, if no pregnancy is desired. Oral pills cyclically have the lowest failure rate - less that 0.5%. Other options are condoms, female or male, IUCD, injectable progesterones three monthly, or today - depending on lifestyle, marital status and desire for pregnancy at a later date. The duration can be determined by the user. The contraceptive needs to be prescribed by a gynaecologist/nurse after appropriate history, check up and needs follow up which varies depending on the choice of the method. There maybe some mild side effects, including a small failure rate, with some of the methods selected, and these need to be counselled about before starting.


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