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How can meningitis be treated?

Q: My friend's 10 years old child suffered from meningitis five months back and deteriorated into coma. After that he partially recovered and can now sense pain, open eyes occasionally, move hands and can take tube feeding. Some tubes were inserted in the brain to drain fluid from the brain to the stomach but he has since not shown any improvement. Is there a possibility of full recovery?

A:This child seems to have had complications of meningitis with development of hydrocephalus, which is accumulation of excessive fluid in the brain. This has been treated by putting in a shunt tubing to drain this excessive fluid. This will help in reducing the pressure on the brain. By this technique there will be some improvement in the child's condition. However, the disease affects the brain substance also and the recovery from this is slow. During this period all supportive care will need to be given by way of antibiotics, feeding by tube if the child cannot swallow and physiotherapy.


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