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How can lattice development with retinal holes be cured?

Q: My father is 56 years old. He has problem of holes in the retina with lattice development, which is accompanied by cataract formation. The cataract has matured and we have to operate it in a few days. Recently he was also detected to be a diabetic. He is also suffering from chronic allergic rhinitis, which becomes more severe due to chronic use of nasal decongestants. How can I tackle this problem?

A:All the lattices and retinal holes in the eyes have to be sealed off carefully with laser photocoagulation. Subsequently the cataract surgery is best done by Phacoemulsification with a foldable intraocular lens implantation under local anesthesia after a minimum period of two weeks from laser. In case laser is not possible before cataract surgery due to hazy view, he should undergo laser immediately within a day of undergoing the cataract surgery. Chronic allergic rhinitis and diabetes are not of concern if the blood sugar is within 200mg% and he is on anti-allergics on the day of surgery.


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