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How can irregular periods be treated?

Q: I am a 28 years old woman having irregular periods for the last 11 years. The doctor prescribed Primolut. I started taking this tablet but I get my periods only when I take this tablet. Will this medicine affect my health in any way? Will I be able to conceive after marriage? Will it affect my ovaries in any way?

A:You are most likely having a condition called polycystic ovarian disease - for which you need to have an ultrasound scan to confirm the diagnosis. After that if necessary tests like FSH and LH maybe needed if the diagnosis is uncertain. The treatment is a little longer one with weight loss, first- improves the cycles and chance of pregnancy as well. Medications like Primolut can bring about one menses, but on regular basis medications like Metformin and/or oral contraceptive pills (OCPs) need to be taken for long time - sometimes over a year. Once menses are regular, you need to have medications for egg formation like Clomid and then time it with sex when the egg has ruptured. Success can be obtained in 3/6 cycles, in over 80% cases. After the pregnancy is achieved, it needs to be kept stabilised with progesterone support till the third or fourth month.


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