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How can I stop getting dreams?

Q: I am a 58 years old man who gets continuous dreams without any respite for the last 25 years. As soon as I fall asleep, dreams start coming. They are not always of any peculiar nature or type, seem totally irrelevant, inappropriate and meaningless and come in a haphazard manner. But they certainly disturb my sleep and this is adversely affecting my health. I don't feel fresh and enthusiastic and cannot concentrate on work. I do not have any tension or stress. I would like to have dreamless and good sleep. I have undergone all types of treatments like allopathic, ayurvedic and homoeopathic but of no use. Is there is any way to stop it? Please advise.

A:It is not uncommon to have dreams but if they are disturbing you on a regular basis and seem to affect your daytime functioning you may benefit from treatment. Ideally you want to see a physician specialising in sleep disorders medicine so that they can obtain a comprehensive history in relation to your sleep and do a thorough physical examination and start you on an appropriate treatment. If you do not find a sleep medicine physician you should see a psychiatrist who may be more knowledgeable about such disorders.


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