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How can I regularise my periods?

Q: I am a 31 years old woman having irregular periods and have not conceived for 2 years. The gap between my period dates is 60 days. The doctor recommended certain tests like sonography pelvis, semen test of my husband and a test that needs to be done on the second day of my periods. All reports of the tests were normal. The doctor prescribed Regeterone (twice a day) for 5 days and Essvit - F twice daily from 5th day of my period till 20 days. She also told me to take treatment and wait for 3 months as only then I will able to conceive. I haven't taken Regeterone and got my periods naturally for 3 days after that I started taking Essvit - F medicine every night. Is my treatment going in the right direction?

A:If you are having irregular cycles and infertility, you do need an ultrasound to check the uterus and ovaries. You may also need to have serial ultrasound, transvaginally to see, if there is regular egg formation, from the 9th day of the period till the egg forms and ruptures. Irregular cycles can occur due to many causes of which, poor egg formation is the commonest, could be due to, infection, altered hormone s, low thyroid function, or even mental stress, among some of them. First you need to find the cause for the irregularity, keep a period diary to note that it is actually irregular, and do the ultrasound to document poor egg formation. If the eggs are not forming there are medicines for it to help conception like Clomiphene citrate, given for 5 days along with ultrasound monitoring and timed intercourse, if semen is normal, and other hormone tests are also normal, and tubes are open as well. Please consult an infertility specialist to have the step by step treatment. The anovulation correction can take up to 3-6 months, so patience and stress free treatment is necessary.


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