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How can I regularise my periods?

Q: I am a 27-year-old married woman weighing 64 kg and 152 cm tall. I am suffering from irregular periods since puberty. The periods sometimes occur after 40 days or only after medication. Whenever I get periods after medication, they are quite heavy and last for more than five days. This particular problem is suggested to be the cause of no ovulation. We have tried to support ovulation and get IUI done. After two failed IUIs, we came to know that my fallopian tubes are blocked. The block was removed with the help of laparoscopy five months back. How do I get rid of irregular periods? What is the treatment for my ovulation problem?

A:You possibly have polycystic ovaries, and it is expected to have irregular and delayed periods. You will need ovulation induction to help you conceive faster. You are overweight, so it is advisable that you lose weight.


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