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How can I prevent nocturnal emission?

Q: I am a 27 years old man. I met with an accident a year back and got fracture in left tibia and a piece of bone was chipped off from my sacrum, which resulted in blood clots in my pelvic and buttocks area. A rod was implanted and now I am able to walk normally. After this accident, I am having frequent nocturnal emissions for the last one year. I have consulted a neurologist and a urologist; both of them told that it is normal to have nocturnal emissions at this age. How can I prevent nocturnal emissions?

A:The discharge of semen through the penis during sleep usually as a result of erotic dreams is called nocturnal emission. It is also called wet dreams or night falls. When a young man experiences a nocturnal emission, he gets quite a shock. If the person is ignorant of the normal sexual process, he will be bewildered at what is happening to him and may turn to bogus literature on sex or to quacks for an answer. Misinformation may result in sexual problems. Wet dreams are quite natural. No physical or mental harm can come from them. They need not and cannot be curbed. They do not require any treatment. It is not just boys who get these wet dreams. Even girls and women can have erotic dreams as a result of pent-up sexual desires, which may lead to orgasms during sleep.


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