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How can I prevent frequent urinary tract infections?

Q: I got married on last year, since then I am getting urinary tract infections frequently. I am drinking a lot of water and having citral tonic, one bottle per month. But the infection is recurring. In my last urine routine test, traces of albumin were found. After taking antibiotics for one week, the pus cell count dropped down from 4-5 to 3-2. But by taking all these medicines, I have developed gas and acidity, which has lead to piles. I am taking care of my diet, I am a pure vegetarian, and have stopped taking any spicy food. But the problem is repeating. Why am I getting this problem repeatedly? Why was albumin found in my urine? My haemoglobin is 10. Will it have an effect on family planning?

A:Well! It is not uncommon to have the problem you describe for the females of your age in general, and recently married in particular. In the lighter vein we call it "Honeymoon pyelitis". Females are more prone to urinary infection due to anatomical shortness of the urethra in comparison to males and this infection gets worse with sexual intercourse. Certainly, I would not like you to withdraw from your sexual life otherwise it will create other problems in your family. However, I would like you to follow the following measures. 1. Get your urine culture done and take appropriate simple medicines as advised by your doctor to treat the current infection. 2. You should develop a habit of consuming plenty of fluids to ensure urine output of 2 litres per day, irrespective of the season. 3. You should develop the routine of taking one tablet of Septran 800mg before or immediately after every intercourse, preferably before. 4. You should be extra careful on the meticulous hygiene of your vagina by keeping it clean as well as using a flexible shower to wash it with a running water after every time you urinate or have sexual intercourse. 5. Cranberry juice 300 ml per day is known to reduce the frequency of urinary tract infection drastically. 6. Even after you may have occasional urinary tract infections, but frequency of such infections would reduce tremendously. However, if you have any such infection kindly treat it with appropriate drugs on the advice of your doctor/urologist. I hope the above information would help you.


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