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How can I motivate myself to exercise regularly?

Q: I am a 14 years old girl, 164 cm tall and weigh 51 kg. I always decide to do more of exercise but when it comes to actually exercising, I become really lazy. I just do a few exercises that I feel like doing and then just stop it. How can I motivate myself to follow a good exercise regime?

A:If you look at keeping fit as your goal and know that in your quest for it, every little effort counts, then that should keep you motivated. Break up your mammoth task into tiny little ones and read the following to keep you on the fitness track:

  • Do things you enjoy
  • Enjoy whatever you do
  • Take up a sport where you can learn a skill and keep fit. Make sure it is something you can sustain over time and seasons
  • Find friends who have common interests and think of devising ways that keep you fit, occupied and entertained in the right direction at the same time
  • Join group fitness classes in your neighbourhood
  • If you like dancing, that is a great way to keep fit and creative as well. Gather 2-3 friends and start a dedicated class of your own.
  • Stick to time you have decided and motivate each other to mak sure you can carry it through.


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