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How can I monitor my ovulation date?

Q: I am a 23 years old female and haven't had a period for the last three months. How do I monitor my ovulation date?

A:If you have not had a period since last three months, it is abnormal and you should be investigated to determine the cause. However, if you have delivered within the last three months and are exclusively breast feeding then it’s normal. Get a baseline ultrasound scan (pelvis) done to see endometrial thickness and echomorphology, and the ovaries, and the gynaecologist will correlate this with her examination findings of the cervical os and mucus. This will help determine whether it is the estrogeni phase of your cycle, or the progesterone phase. It can also give her an idea whether the endometrium is OK or not, depending upon the size and echotexture of your ovaries and whether or not the ovary has a dominant follicle, or a picture suggestive of PCOS. In women who have infrequent cycles and need to be monitored for ovulation, they are first administered progesterone tablets for a withdrawal bleed, and then are monitored from day 2 of the cycle (baseline scan) and then from day 9 onwards on alternate days or daily (depending upon size of dominant follicle).


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