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How can I lose weight?

Q: I am 31 years old and diabetic since 8 years. I have high blood pressure too and my blood sugar fasting is 130-150, PP is 200-250 and my weight is 153 kgs. A few years back I suffered fractures of the back bone, leg and hand. I cannot walk more than 300 mtrs. How can I lose weight. At present my diet is 2200 kcls per day. I drive daily 55 kms for work. After 3 to 4 hours I am very restless, very tired and get pain all over my body. I am taking insulin human mixtard 80 units before breakfast, 70 units before dinner, 1250 Xmet after breakfast, 1250 Xmet after dinner, Nervup, Natralix, Aten, Serlift. Please help.

A:You present a complicated medical history, but your one clear need is to reduce your very considerable overweight. This would immediately improve a number of your problems, including your blood sugar levels, your blood pressure and some of your bone pains. Dealing with weight reduction in your circumstances, particularly your inability to take exercise,is never easy. I am sure that you should eat considerably less than 2200 calories. Good advice from a dietician is really important in this situation. I can however suggest to the key recommendation is the reduction of fatty foods, which would include fried foods, butter, and various oils and cooking oils. They all contain large amount of calories and greatly contribute to overweight. I do hope this advice will help you.


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