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How can I inculcate the habit of reading in my child?

Q: My son is 7 years old. I want him to read books to inculcate in him the habit of reading. He is not interested in reading, I have bought him several books but he does not seem to be interested. How to inculcate the reading habit in my child?

A:These days children are moving away from reading due to several reasons. They have enough reading to do for school studies. Then there are many distractions such as television and computer, which leaves no time, or patience, for reading. In order to encourage good reading habits in your child you should first of all serve as good examples yourself. If the child finds you reading instead of being glued to television, he may also want to do the same. Providing appropriate reading material, controlling television viewing and helping the child to structure his routine to include enough time to play and read will help. Nagging a child to read is not desirable as it may make the child rebel and not do as told. He will read only if he finds it interesting and valuable.


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