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How can I increase the size of my testis?

Q: I am a 27 years old male, working as a computer engineer. Few years back, I had experienced a severe pain in my left testis and at that time the doctor gave me some medicine to cure it. The pain got relieved but that after that the testis got shrunk. Now they are very small in size, almost nonexistent. Is there any medicine, which can help me to regain the size of my testis? This problem has created an inferiority complex in me. Please give your suggestions.

A:It seems you suffered from testicular torsion at the time of pain, resulting in subsequent testicular atrophy. There is no medication to make an atrophied organ normal sized again. Like in all paired organs of the body, the testicular functions can be looked after by now the lone healthy counterpart adequately. We generally, though, recommend surgical fixation of the healthy testis so that it may not have a similar fate, as is likely in such patients. You may, at the same sitting, have a testicular prosthesis on the empty side to take care of your anxiety and inferiority complex because of a missing testis.


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