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How can I help my son to cope with higher studies?

Q: My son is a student of class XI, non-medical stream. Of late he has started worrying about not being able to keep up with class. His confidence level has also reduced to a great extent. He does not want to go to school and due to this guilt he feels that everyone is talking about him. I am afraid that he is suffering from anxiety neurosis. What is the best way to make him come out of this state of mind? Please advise.

A:Your child is undergoing severe anxiety and lack of confidence. He has probably taken up science stream, which is a very hard option as compared to other streams. There is a sudden jump in difficulty level of courses in science from class X to XI. Children who have been high achievers at the junior levels often find this sudden jump difficult to cope with. As a parent you can take certain steps to help him: a) Get him regular professional counselling by the school counsellor. b) Listen to the child and acknowledge his fears rather than criticising him. c) Arrange for tuition classes. d) Do not compare him with other children. e) Discuss the problem with his school teachers. f) Keep the option open of changing the course even at this late stage.


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