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How can I get rid of Spasmo-proxyvon addiction?

Q: I am a 29 years old male. I have been using Spasmo-proxyvon for the last eight years. I used to have 10-Spasmo-proxyvons for first six years. Later, I wanted to leave it. I was admitted to a rehabilitation centre for more than a week. After 15–20 days, I relapsed and the dosage was increased. I had been admitted four times by now and every time I relapsed in 15 days and now the dosage have been increased to 30 capsules a day. How can I get rid of Spasmo-proxyvon addiction?

A:You are addicted to opiates and it is important to take Naltrexone (50 mg) daily morning and evening after you stop taking opiates for 5 days. If not you will experience rapid detox. Don't mix Naltrexone with opiates. Try to get therapy and go to AA / NA. Get supportive medications for withdrawal like Requip for restless legs, Neurontin for anxiety and an antidepressant if needed and talk to a psychiatrist.


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