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How can I get rid of lumps due to breast feeding?

Q: I developed mastitis in my left breast in the 2nd week after a normal delivery. I took antibiotics for the same. Due to the pain in the left breast, I usually fed my child from the right breast. Due to over production of milk, I had to express breast milk from both the breasts. Now my baby is 8 months old and I breast feed him only once or twice at night. I have lumps in both the breasts now. They are not painful, but I know that it is not good to have lumps in breasts. What should I do and how do I get rid of them?

A:It is good that you are still breast feeding your baby. Please continue to do so, even at night. I do understand the effort involved, but please let me remind you that you are giving the best possible gift to your baby. In terms of intelligence and good immunity, there is no better gift for the baby. As for the lumps in your breast, these are normal at this stage and are a result of increase in the tissue of the milk forming cells. They will recede when you stop breast feeding the baby. At other times, these would form fibroids, which again are harmless. If these persist of increase in size after breast feeding is stopped, please see a surgeon and get a mammography done. For now, just be reassured and continue to breast feed.


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