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How can I get rid of irregular periods?

Q: I am a 33 years old married woman with a 4 years old son. I have been suffering from the problem of irregular periods since the last 15 years. Initially I used to bleed for about 17-18 days at a stretch and have a 10-12 days without any bleeding. I was on Duoluton for about 3 years - on and off. My gynaecologist told me that this system would get rectified when I turned about 22 years or after the birth of a child. I had my son 4 years back. It was a natural conception - I conceived the first month after my wedding. I got my periods again after 3 months after my delivery - the bleeding was very severe. I had to use as many as 20 pads a day and the bleeding lasted for over 10 days. I then started Triquilar. Now I get my periods only once in 2 months - that too I have to take Provera 10 mg. I have started putting on weight and I also feel breathless. Will my system ever be normal? Kindly advise.

A:Start taking provera on the 21st day of your periods every cycle, 10 mg twice a day for 5 days so that your periods normalise and the bleeding also. You will have to do this for as long as you have your menses. Moreover you can also get insulin levels done along with a regular GTT to see if you are gaining weight due to hyperinsulinaemia and if yes, you can be treated for this also.


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