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How can I get relief from rectal pain?

Q: I used to do excessive digital cleaning of my bowels, which resulted in a severe constant pain in the rectum and surrounding areas. I went to a gastroenterologist, who did a proctoscopy and said that everything was normal. There was no ulcer or any other damage. He prescribed Mebaspa-AL (Meberverine and Alprazolam tablets) and I have taken them twice a day for a month. However I still feel constant pain in my rectum. I have been applying a balm containing menthol to my buttocks six times a day for a couple of months now, but the pain still persists. I also tried applying ice to the buttocks. Is there a painkiller or local ointment to get rid of the pain? The doctor said that the pain would go away on its own since there was no damage. But the pain has persisted for months now and is making my life difficult. Please advise.

A:Unfortunately the rectal pain you are suffering from, which is known as proctalgia is a very painful condition and there is no satisfactory treatment. By stopping manual evacuation of the rectum as well as regular usage of analgesic drugs for the pain one can expect a gradual improvement in due course. You must also try to ensure that you do not get constipated.


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