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How can I get a better control over my diabetes?

Q: I am 30 years old male having uncontrolled diabetes since 6 years. My weight is 154 kg and take insulin 70 units bbf, 70 units in BD oral medicines Xmet 850 3 times a day, Nervup once a day, Serlift 100 once a day. I have a problem in my legs, feet and arm fingers. There is numbness, pain, burning sensation all the time. I am taking Gabapin 300 three times a day. When I take the medicine then I get relaxed for three to four hours but afterwards the same problem starts again. My blood suger level is - fasting: 220, PP: is 270 to 300.

A:My first observations with regard to your health are that, on the one hand you are very considerably overweight at 154 kg; and on the other, your diabetic control is very poor with very high blood sugar readings. The very first thing you must do therefore is to improve this situation. I note that you already take insulin and metformin, but your future health now is to attend to a proper weight reducing diet, and I am sure that you will need help for that. This should be accompanied by an increase in your physical activity to ensure substantial weight loss. You will then find that your diabetic control will improve, and it is quite possible that the need for insulin will decrease at the same time. It is impossible for me to diagnose by e-mail the cause of the numbness and pains in your legs, feet and arms. Pains in the feet and legs can be due to nerve damage caused by diabetes, but that would be very unusual in the arms, and you really need a consultation with and examination by your doctor. That said, I suspect that the pains would the decrease if you improve your diabetic control, and it is not impossible that they may after some time resolve altogether. In the meantime you should take regular painkilling tablets, taking them at regular intervals without waiting for the pain to relapse. I do this advice will be of some help to you.


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