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How can I gain weight on my face?

Q: I am 45 years old with a medium built and a height of 165 cm. I have been regularly jogging or walking up to 5 km a day, 5 days in a week for the last 10 years. Earlier in school/college I used to play football and volleyball. Two months back, in addition to 6 to 8 km of jogging/walking 5 days a week, I started restricting my vegetarian diet and avoided all sort of sugar and fat in food. I added a lot of vegetables and fruits in my diet. My weight reduced from 68.5 to 64 kg. Since then, I look very thin and have lost a lot of weight from my face. My face looks like V shaped and everyone says that I look as if I am recovering from some sickness. But I feel normal and have reduced my jogging to 4 km. How can I gain weight on my face?

A:I wish we could wave a magic wand and get exactly as we wish, but that surely is not the case! Your weight loss has shown on your face even though you say you have not starved yourself but have chosen nutritious food over fatty and sugary foods. Therefore, the change in diet plus the additional 6-8 kms you were doing had to tell somewhere, so it showed on your face. This may be due to the loss of fat accumulated under the skin. You can tone it by some simple exercises like excessive smiling, making an O with your mouth but there are no specific exercises to build muscles in this area. Now that you are doing 4kms only, that will maintain your weight until you bring in another change in calorie intake or calorie spending. Keep on with your sensible program and you will start looking better in the face and feeling healthier.


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