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How can I deliver a healthy baby?

Q: I am a 24 years old woman into my 32nd week of pregnancy according to my LMP. But according to USG, my single viable fetus is of approx 29 weeks +/- 1 week. A mild asymmetrical IUGR was seen in the uterus. My ultrasound report at 31 weeks showed that my uterus is enlarged, BPD is 7.4 cm corresponding to 29 weeks 2 days of gestation, HC is 27 cm corresponding to 29 weeks of gestation, AC is 20 cm corresponding to 25 weeks of gestation, FL is 5.3 cm corresponding to 28 weeks of gestation, heart rate is regular with 146 beats/min and placenta is posterior (Maturity is grade I). No evidence of retro placental clot. Estimated fetal weight is approx 1029 grams +/-10% at present. No gross congenital anomaly seen. Amniotic fluid is adequate. My doctor has advised me to take these medicines - Glohem T R. (twice a day), Corcium (twice a day), Protinex powder (twice a day), LRZin (thrice a day) and Threptin protein supplement. How can I get rid of IUGR? What can I do to give birth to a healthy baby?

A:IUGR (Intrauterine Growth Restriction) can either start very early in pregnancy or later - which is what seems to have happened in your case. It is a situation where the baby does not grow to its full potential. Having normal amount of fluid around the baby is reassuring. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to get rid of it - as you have asked. Once it develops it is a matter of deciding the mode and time of delivery (i.e. it is more likely the baby will need to be delivered after 38 weeks of pregnancy - assuming there are no other problems with pregnancy and the baby). Depending on what your obstetrician decides, you may try for a vaginal delivery or caesarean section based on other factors. All that you have been prescribed is not going to make any difference whatsoever to the growth of baby. They are all nutritional supplements, which will improve your nutrition and general health but this does not mean that the baby will be benefitted.


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