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How can hypoglycaemia be avoided?

Q: What is the ideal level of blood sugar for a person who tends to have hypoglycaemia? My mother tends to be over careful and is too strict with her diet. Her medication is just 1/2 tablet of Daonil twice a day. She maintains tight timings and refuses in between snacks since she is afraid she is cheating on her diet. At 67 she is difficult to convince. she does a lot of housework besides her hour long morning walk, she weighs around 50 kg. Please advise a diet which can include fruit and some juices besides her rice and chappatis and veggie diet. Her eyes, heart are in good condition. She has been living with diabetes for close to 30 years now. She would be fine if she would not tend to have low blood sugars.

A:At the age of 67 years with a 30 year H/o diabetes, she must avoid hypoglycaemia. For her maintain pre-meal blood sugar around 100-110 mg%. Daonil is not a good drug for her, because if hypoglycaemia occurs, then it lasts much longer. (Glimepiride is a better salt, rather than Daonil). She should take 06 small equal meals and all fruits in 3-5 parts daily. A balanced diet is essential.


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