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How can high prolactin levels be managed?

Q: I am a 24 years old housewife trying to conceive for the past six months. I have scanty period and after consulting the doctor, I came to know that my FSH and LH level are too low. The doctor also found that my prolactin level is too high and the size of my uterus is small. Then she asked me to consult an endocrinologist. How can high prolactin levels be managed?

A:If your prolactin level is too high, you need to get an MRI head to be done to rule out any pituitary tumor. In case there is no tumor or a very small tumor called microadenoma, the treatment is medicine like Bromocriptin or Cabgolin. Your cycles are scanty with low FSH and LH implicating that probably you are not producing eggs on your own. For getting pregnant, you will need ovulation induction with injections called gonadotropins. For this, you need to see an infertility specialist.

Your uterus is small in size because of your hormonal imbalance but you will be able to conceive in this uterus if given proper treatment.


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