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How can high creatinine level be managed?

Q: I am a 39 years old male suffering from type 2 diabetes for the last two years. Around three months back, my HbA1c was around 5.5%. My triglycerides level was 624 mg/dl, which is now around 250 mg/dl. But recently my creatinine level increased to 2.4 mg/dl. How can high creatinine level be managed?

A:Raised creatinine in a diabetic is of serious concern. This suggests kidney daamge and one should not take it likely. Kidney involvement in diabetes is usually a late complication but in your case you have raised creatinine within two years after diagnosis of disease. You need a detailed evaluation regarding the cause of kidney failure. Please get the following: urine routine, ultrasound, fundus examination. If you have eye changes then it is likely to be due to diabetes. Overweight and obesity also contributes to kidney dysfunction. There is also total change in treatment of diabetes including diet and medications. In brief, as a first step we need to find out the cause of raised creatinine in your case and then treat accordingly. There are some reversible causes such as infections for this condition. Please get back to us after above mentioned tests and physician/nephrologist evaluation for further advice.


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