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How can eye inflammation be treated?

Q: My 25 years old husband is suffering from eye inflammation for the last four days. The eyelids have a white layer on it and the eyes always water. He is applying Occupol ointment as prescribed by the doctor. He had the same problem last year also and at that time, it took him around 15 – 20 days to recover. He is also sponging his eyes with salted water. To add, my husband also has some nasal problem. What should he do?

A:This appears to be due to chronic lid infection. If there is dandruff, get rid of it. Consult a good ENT surgeon and treat the nose problem. Ask you husband to clean the lid margins with baby shampoo, twice a day. Give hot fomentations on swellings. Check if he has Rosacea. Ask his doctor to try Doxycycline tab for few months. Does he have dryness in eyes and skin? Ask him to drink lots of water.


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