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How can excessive watering of eyes be reduced?

Q: I have been experiencing watering of eyes for the last 4-5 years. Sometimes it does not bother me as the intensity is less. But when I started working as a software engineer, which involves looking at the monitor all time for 10-12 hours a day, this problem started becoming intense. I have to wipe off the tears from my eyes every half an hour, which is very irritating. I use spectacles with power 3.5. I have observed that if I don't look on the computer screen then the watering is less. I have been applying some eye drops prescribed by my doctor. The watering is has reduced but there is no significant change. When I consulted an ophthalmologist, she told me that I have a blocked eye duct due to which the tears are produced. She also did needling so as to open up these ducts. I got some relief through this, but it went back to the old situation. She told me to undergo eye surgery which will give a permanent solution. Is this surgery risky? Is this watering related to poor eyesight? Will any exercise help?

A:Your watering eyes may be due to eye strain & improper glasses. Make sure glasses are up to date and preferably photochromic to avoid glare from the monitor. Blink frequently and wash your eyes from time to time to lubricate them better. Surgery may not cure it either. This condition will not affect your vision or your eyes apart from the inconvenience. Use any eye drops advised by your doctor except antibiotics which should not be used for long periods as they have undesirable side effects.


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