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How can erosion of the cervix be treated?

Q: I am a 54 years old female experiencing a lump at my vaginal opening. I consulted the doctor who told me that the lump I feel at my vaginal opening is the bladder and not a prolapse of the uterus. The doctor asked me to do Kegel exercises. At the same time the doctor found severe erosion of the cervix. She gave me an antibiotic and a single dose anti fungal tablet. But after having the medicines, there is no improvement in the white discharge. How can erosion of the cervix be treated?

A:The bladder can also prolapse because of weak vaginal support and this is called a cystocoele. Kegel's exercises will help if the cystocoele is small and you need to do them at least 10 times a day with 10 repetitions - which is not difficult- for at least 3 months. Severe erosion will not be cured by antibiotic or anti- fungal medication alone. You will need a Pap test and colposcopy and if that is normal - a cryotherapy will help.


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