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How can disc prolapse be treated?

Q: I am 22 years old boy, 181 cm tall and weigh 78 kg. I play cricket and am suffering from disc prolapse for the past 5 years. Due to severe pain, I have stopped playing cricket now. Is my condition curable?

A:The treatment of backache depends on whether it is limited to just pure backache or is associated with symptoms of sciatica( pain, tingling and numbness in the leg). In general patients with pain just localised to back without sciatica do much better non-surgically as compared to patients with symptoms of sciatica who respond better to surgical intervention. As most people who have low back pain dont need surgery, conservative treatment plays a major role in treatment and should always be the first option when you have lower back pain that is not caused by major trauma. Most of the non-surgical treatment of pure backache is a combination of mild pain killers, physiotherapy and epidural injections. Physiotherapy treatment aims to relieve pain and inflammation, prevent further damage and also re-train muscles that provide stability to the spine and help absorb the forces put through the spine. Epidural steroid injections deliver local anti-inflammatory agents (and possibly a pain medication) directly to the affected area. If you have mild-moderate disc prolapse with only backache I would strongly suggest you to try conservative treatment at first as detailed above. However if you have backache associated with severe weakness, numbness, tingling of the lower extremity please consult a spine surgeon.


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