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How can cylindrical power in a child be controlled?

Q: My son is 5.5 years old and has a weak eyesight with a cylindrical number of -2.5 in both the eyes with 180 degree axis for 6/6 vision. A year back my doctor advised glasses with -2 cylindrical 180 degree axis for 6/12 vision. He has been wearing these since a year. Now the power has increased by -0.5. Please advise how he can control his cylindrical power and if this will affect him later? What are the precautions he needs to take in routine life?

A:Cylindrical power tends to be quite stable (i.e. doesn't increase with age). Many times, ophthalmologists under-prescribe the cylindrical power initially and increase it later on. I suggest:

  • Use polycarbonate lenses in glasses for children is preferred.
  • Keep at least two pairs of glasses at all times (spare glasses because they often break them).
  • Continue with annual health and eye check ups.


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