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How can convulsions and choroid fissure cyst be managed in my daughter?

Q: Recently, I had my daughter’s CT scan done along with an EEG. The CT scan showed choroid fissure cyst in her brain. She is 4 years old and till today she has had febrile convulsions nearly 5 times, the first when she was 1.5 years old. The neurologist has asked me to give her Valparin syrup for the next 2 years twice a day. I have tried my best for accurate guidance but just could not find anything. I would be highly obliged if you could tell me to what extent will this cyst create problems for my child? So far she is active and good at everything. There is no history of epilepsy either. The EEG report says: EEG tracing shows left temporal spike focus, Dominant frequency: 8-9 hz responsive alpha, more prominent over: occipital region. Slow waves: diffuse theta activity noted. Fast waves: 18-22 CPS beta present anteriorly. The CT scan study shows incidental choroid fissure cyst. Otherwise there is no diagnostic abnormality. A well-defined hypodense non-enhancing area of CSF density is seen in the left medial temporal region, adjacent to quadrigeminal cistern suggestive of choroidal fissure cyst - a normal variant. The doctors say that there is nothing to worry and I just need to give her the valparin course but I am apprehensive about the cyst. Please tell me about these reports and their long-term effect on my daughter? Will the cyst disappear with time? I am pregnant and due next month. Will this affect my second baby too?

A:You should be assured that the choroid fissure cyst is not likely to trouble your child by 7 increasing in size or causing damage. Your next child is unlikely to have this cyst. As regards the febrile convulsions, 5% of children below 5 years of age will have febrile convulsions. One third of these children will have 3 or more convulsions. The important thing is that these convulsions should be with fever, should be less than 15 minutes in duration and not more than 1 convulsion a day. The future of children with febrile seizures is good as the typical febrile seizures stop by 5-6 yrs of age and do not cause mental retardation or other such problem.


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