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How can constipation and breathlessness be treated?

Q: I am a 36 years old diabetic man weighing 82 kg and my height is 5.7 feet and have high blood pressure. I am taking Azulix MF twice daily, Janumet 150 mg + 500 mg, Telma 40 twice daily and Libotrip. But now instead of Libotrip I am taking Buspin 10 mg twice daily, Pantocid, Arcalion and Rivotril once daily. But I am still facing some health problems such as breathlessness when I have arguments / something which I do not want to do or listen / climbing stairs. I am trying to lose my weight but unable to do so. I had been to the gym and walked on the treadmill too. Another problem is constipation. I get blood while passing stools. I do not get erection at times. Even though I do masturbate, the erection is not very hard. There is no feeling in my private parts too. My fasting blood sugar level is 100 mg/dl and PP is 145 mg/dl. Are the medicines prescribed alright? Please advise.

A:1. To assess breathlessness, please get a stress echocardiography done to check the status of your heart. Also get a lipid profile done. It is very important for you to keep your cholesterol under control 2. Avoid constipation. Use a stool softener like lactulose (duphalac) daily so that you pass semi-formed rather than hard stools. Also local ointments maybe used for rectal bleeding. Avoid spicy foods and nuts 3. Erectile dysfunction may sometimes be a component of diabetes. See a urologist who can evaluate you and prescribe medication like sildenafil if needed 4. Get your glycosylated haemoglobin blood test done to see whether your overall sugar control is adequate or not. 5. There are medicines available to lose weight. Otherwise your prescription of medicines looks ok. Consult your doctor and he can add these other medicines for you.


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