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How can astigmatism be treated?

Q: I am an 11 years old boy suffering from astigmatism. Will wearing glasses of different shapes help me? What kind of diet will help me improving my vision?

A:Astigmatism is caused by slightly oval shape of the eye (Cornea) and defect caused by these results in blurred vision and headaches. Glasses or contact lenses normally correct this. It does not matter what shape of the spectacles do you wear. Once you wear this correction, vision is better and when you take this correction is off, the vision goes blurred. Contact lenses will provide better quality of vision but as it sits on the eye, you have to be very careful about hygiene and how you wear these. Specialist will give you proper instructions. When you are over 21 years, then surgery or LASER can correct it. Nothing else like eating anything, medicine or exercise etc will help you.


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