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How can adult bed-wetting be treated?

Q: I am a 21 years old male suffering from bed-wetting. I am physically active and exercise daily. My problem started some eight months back with daytime involuntary passage of urine. The digital X-ray, Micturating cysto uerhrogram and ultrasound KUB indicates no significant post void residual urine, no evidence of calcification of prostrate, urethra appears normal and there is no evidence of vesicoureteric reflux. I consulted a urologist who asked me to take Renerve Plus every night before going to bed or to get up twice between 10 pm to 5 am and urinate. This helped me initially but now, I am facing the same problem. How can my problem be treated treated?

A:While adolescent bed wetting may rarely continue in adults and would get better with conservative measures, I would be worried if it happens de-novo in an adult as in your case. While short term bladder urgency and precipitancy may occur during urine infections, it is a sign of bladder instability in absence of infection. A detailed urological examination including Urodynamic study, followed by a complete neurological examination including MRI of the whole spine may be required to rule out a neurological cause for the same.


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